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C02 analyser


C02 analyser

The CO2-SS-20 is the new handheld Carbon Dioxide (CO2) analyser, which offers simple and highly accurate CO2 analysis with fast and intuitive touch screen interface.The CO2-SS-20 has been specially developed to measure, verify and validate CO2 levels in CO2 incubators, proving popular in medical departments, research and laboratories. The product is also utilised by field service engineers to repair, validate and calibrate CO2 incubators and equipment.

Product Code : CO2-SS-20

Brand Name :

Key Features are:-

  • Advanced Patented NDIR Sensor Technology
  • Ultra Low Power - extended battery life
  • Fast start - ready to use in 6 seconds
  • Large colour touch screen
  • New CO2 verification tool


  • CO2 levels in Incubators
  • Medical Research
  • IVF
  • Cell Culture
  • University Research

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