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Co2 incubator


Co2 incubator

Thermo Scientific Heracell I CO2incubators provide the ideal in vitro environment: clean, reliable and easy to use, protecting your valuable samples while optimizing cell growth.

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With Heracell i , your valuable samples will be:
  • Secured: Our innovative ContraConmoist heat decontamination technology is proven for simple and worry-free cleaning and operation.
  • Protected: Proven contamination control is offered with our unique 100% pure solid copper interiors antimicrobial protection on contact, naturally.
  • Thriving: Designed to provide optimal growth conditions, delivering superior parameter recovery rates that enhance cell growth.

Heracell i is made up of intelligent design, promoting superior cell growth,it offers a range of features that maximize safe, dependable cell growth. It provides worry free 24/7 protection against contamination

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