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Laser system


Laser system

For blastocyst/trophectoderm biopsy, the Saturn 5 Active is unparalleled in its ease of use.The directional laser allows you to make multiple ablations across the trophectoderm cells without needing to move the blastocyst. This offers superb

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Brand Name : Saturn


  • PRECISE : Sub-micron accuracy and unique computer controlled laser with guaranteed laser alignment

  • CURVED BIOPSY MODE: Biopsy Mode allows accurate laser drilling along a drawn straight or curved line

  • RAPID: Faster than ever directional laser increases functionality and decreases procedure times

  • EASY TO USE: Intuitive RI Viewer software with streamlined user interface. An optional programmable foot pedal controls software and laser functions

  • SAFEST POWER: Lowest laser pulse times for minimal energy near critical cells. Exclusion Zone feature ensures cell safety

  • VERSATILE: Compatible with all popular brands of micromanipulators and inverted microscopes, available with a choice of 20x and 40x objectives

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