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Positive air pressure system


Positive air pressure system

Positive air pressure system is fixed outside the culture room and it fills the room with sterile air and replaces the room air. A positive pressure is built-up in the room and doesn't allow outside air into culture room.

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Specifications for Positive air pressure system

  • Make -   V.M.P.L.
  • Direction of flow -  Horizontal
  • Cleanliness label -  Class 100.
  • Velocity-  100CFM
  • Noise label -   Less than 55dBA+/-5%
  • HEPA FILTER-   30x30x 6 cm
  • Media-Minipleat ( Separator less) filters
  • Casing-  Epoxy coated CRCA frame
  • Retention-   0.3 micron
  • Effiiciency-  99.97%