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Rocket medical analogue pump


Rocket medical analogue pump

Rocket Craft TM Suction and Rocket Craft TM DUO-VAC TM Suction Pumps have been the gold standard for reliable oocyte aspiration for over 30 years and have been continuously developed to provide smooth, low volume vacuum at pre-determined negative pressures, so allowing simple, low turbulence, oocyte recovery.

Product Code :

Brand Name : Rocket Medical

Key Features are:-

  • HIGHLY RELIABLE: Rocket Craft TM Pumps have a proven 30 year history of reliability and excellent value.
  • SIMPLY, SAFE OPERATION with air-operated foot switches on a solid moulded base to replace the traditional chromed style. Lighter weight connection set is now standard across the range to improve ease of handling and reliability.
  • LARGER, CLEARER GAUGE with increased resolution improves setting accuracy and long term reliability.
  • ULTRA QUIET diaphragm pump makes all Rocket pumps easy to live with in the OR and typically only needs bi-annual servicing.
  • FULLY VARIABLE VACUUMfrom 0-200mmHg-1. High Vacuum: 440mmHg-1
  • SINGLE USE WATER TRAP or FILTER SETS provide the sim-plest and most cost effective solution to the need to reprocess re-usable water traps and silicone tubing.

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