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Rocket medical digital pump


Rocket medical digital pump

The Rocket Digital Oocyte Aspiration Pump is a new generation instrument, specifically developed to provide smooth, low volume vacuum at pre-determined negative pressures, allowing simple, low turbulence, oocyte recovery.

Product Code :

Brand Name : Rocket Medical

Main features of Digital Aspiration Pump are:-

  • IMMEDIATE VACUUM RESPONSE and CUT-OFF is achieved with digital pump and valve control, giving immediate low vacuum up to 300mmHg-1 and high vacuum to 500mmHg-1.

  • INTUITIVE ROTARY CONTROL permits simple, infinitely variable adjustment of de-sired vacuum in 5mmHg-1 increments from 0-300mmHg-1

  • BLUE LED VACUUM DISPLAY ensures clear, unobtrusive readability in subdued lighting

  • FLASHING PUMP ACTIVE INDICATOR to clearly identify the pump is operational and generating vacuum.

  • AIR OPERATED DUAL TOGGLE FOOTSWITCH OPERATION reduces operator fatigue by removing the need for constant pressure on a footswitch. High Vacuum is a single click away.

  • UNIVERSAL 12 VOLT SYSTEM for use with 110-240VAC 50/60Hz mains power supplies.

  • FILTER CONNECTION SET with soft, low weight tubing to reduce drag.

  • INTEGRAL SERVICE INDICATOR constantly monitors pump performance and adjusts the service period against pump workload which means the pump is always serviced at the correct interval.

  • HIGHLY RELIABLE: Rocket Suction Pumps have a proven 20 year history of reliabil-ity and excellent value. This latest generation carries on that strong tradition.

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